USCIS Service Center Operations Directorate (SCOPS) confirmed to AILA's SCOPS Liaison Committee that SCOPS is not anticipating any procedural changes for the FY2019 H-1B cap season.
USCIS intends to follow the same procedures that were used for the FY2018 H-1B season, which presumably would not include a pre-registration system.
In addition, USCIS does not anticipate that premium processing will be suspended for non-cap H-1B petitions, though there may be a short suspension of premium processing for H-1B cap-subject petitions.
Source:  American Immigration Lawyers Association

Jan 23rd, 2016 : Federal Court Judge formally issued notice that STEM OPT Deadline is extended untill May 10th, 2016!

The ruling means that F-1 students with a valid STEM OPT employment authorization document (EAD) can continue to work beyond February 12, 2016, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) can continue to accept applications for STEM OPT extensions at least through May 10, 2016.

DHS is preparing to finalize rules before the new May 10 deadline to enable the STEM OPT program to continue without interruption.  In short, we still need to wait to see the finalized rule, but the likelihood is STEM OPT will continue.

A three-judge panel on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously dismissed a lawsuit by Mississippi against Obama's 2012 program to protect young people brought to the U.S. illegally from the threat of deportation. Two Republican appointees and one Democratic appointee said the state lacks "standing" to sue because it did not prove it was injured by the program.

Read more: Did A Federal Court Just Doom The GOP's Big Immigration Lawsuit Against Obama?

USCIS has announced on February 24, 2015 that dependent spouses of H-1B holders who are in H-4 status may begin filing for work authorization (EAD).  USCIS will begin to accept such applications on 5/26/15.  H-4 dependent spouses are eligible for an EAD if either of the following apply to the H-1B holder:
1) They have an approved I-140, or

2) They have received a post-6 year H1B extension under Sections 106 (a) and (b) of the AC21 Act. 

Please note that dependent spouses who are in F-1 status must change their status to H-4 if the above applies in order to file for work authorization under this new regulation. 

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