You may be eligible for this visa if you are an Australian national and entering the US to perform services in a special occupation.


• You must be an Australian national
• You must perform services in a special occupation* in the United States
• You must have qualifications fitting to the special occupation


• Proof of Australian nationality
• A letter from the prospective US employer describing the alien’s occupation, the alien’s anticipated length of stay, and salary/remuneration arrangements
• Evidence that the alien meets the educational requirements for the position to be filed (a bachelor’s degree or higher or its equivalent in the specific specialty occupation)
• Evidence that the alien meets any licensing or other occupational requirements
• Evidence that the prospective US employer has filed with DOL a labor condition application (LCA) specifically designated for E-3 Specialty Occupations


Stage 1: Collecting Evidence Stage 2: Employer's FEIN Verification Stage 3: File LCA Stage 4: Submit Petition to USCIS Stage 5: Approval


Stage 1 to Stage 2: about 3 weeks
Stage 2 to Stage 3: about 1 week
Stage 3 to Stage 4: about 1 week


A. Special Occupation generally refers to jobs which require the theoretical and practical application of highly     specialized knowledge along with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution
B. The time period between Stage 1 and Stage 2 may vary case by case due to the complexity of your occupation     and the employer’s entity
C. E-3 visa is same as H-1B visa, except for the following aspects:
Differences E-3 H-1B
Nationality Australia Any foreign national
Visa Duration Initial 2 years and Extension may be indefinite Initial 3 years and Extension for only 3 years (unless you are qualified for a special condition)
A yearly cap for new visa 10,500 US Master Degree: 20,000 Bachelor Degree: 65,000
Spouse's work authorization in USA Yes No
Effective Date for new visa   October 1st of each year
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