Immigration Reform Needs Your Support

Published on    30 June 2014     Hits: 2499

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill approved with bipartisan support in June 2014.  However, if there is no approval by the House of Representatives, the bill will expire on January 3, 2015. There continues to be support from Democrat members to push forward comprehensive immigration reform in the United States. 

House Democrats have introduced a petition on March 26, 2014, to force a vote on the comprehensive immigration bill which passed the Senate is now currently stalled in the Republican controlled House.   Due to the House Republican refusal for comprehensive immigration reform, this petition will likely be unsuccessful.  

There are murmurs that any hope for comprehensive immigration reform will die if it does not get voted before the August Congress recess.

In April 2014, we received another blunt reminder for the need of comprehensive immigration reform when over 170,000 cases were filed for the limited 65,000 H-1B visas.  More than half the applications have been rejected.  The aforementioned Senate bill would raise the H-1B cap to 115,000, and allow for as many as 180,000, depending on economic conditions.

J Global Law Group firmly believes comprehensive immigration reform is not just for individual immigrants.  We believe the reform will benefit our community and our great nation and secure our future.  

Despite a lot of support from various groups and individuals, the bill is still stalled.  We believe this is high time for us, individuals, to make a push for this bill.

Please visit and type your zip code to find your representative’s page on which you can send a message directly to your representative.  You will need to type in you name and contact information but no other private information.  You can type in “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in the subject line and send a message urging your representative’s support.  For your convenience, we have drafted a sample.

My name is [write your name here] and I am a constituent residing in your district.

I am writing to you today in support of meaningful immigration reform which is one of the most important issues facing our nation today. 

Currently, our immigration system is broken.  The visa numbers are unbelievably limited for both immigrant and nonimmigrant categories.  The aged system does not meet today’s reality, thereby creating modern day slavery and preventing hard-working immigrants from fully contributing to our economy. 

It has become more difficult to obtain a visa or to become a naturalized citizen.  Immigration statistics show a sharply increased rate of denial of all types of applications.  Without any change of the law or quality of applications themselves, the denial rate can only be explained by the administrative agencies’ misguided focus on blocking and not facilitating immigration needs.    

As for the national security, it costs a tremendous amount of resources but without corresponding results.

We need our leaders to stand up and fight for a practical immigration policy which makes sense.  Immigrants, their families, and our community depend on leaders like you to make compromises to get immigration reform passed.  We are watching you and expect you to do the right thing.  

Thank you for your reading this message.



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