Success Stories



1. Examples of Successful EB2 Green Card Cases.


Most of employment based cases at Judy Chang Law Firm are second preference (EB2) cases and are handled expeditiously. Contrary to common belief, the simple fact that the potential applicant holds a master’s degree or has 5 years of experience in addition to a bachelor’s degree does not make the case an automatic EB2 case. It is only one part of the whole equation. Completing and solving the equation is where the attorneys’ knowledge, experience, and skills are most needed. Many companies and individuals seek out Judy Chang Law Firm after their labor certification application either does not get completed due to poor strategy or audited and denied.

Judy Chang Law Firm is extremely experienced in ascertaining appropriate EB2 cases and successful in obtaining the optimal result. The occupational categories we have handled successfully include accountants, architects, attorneys, business executives, chiropractors, computer professionals, dentists, economists, educators, engineers, fashion and graphic designers, financial professionals, health service professionals, journalists, landscape architects, marketing and PR specialists, medical doctors and specialists, physical therapists, producers, professors and deans, scientists, veterinarians, among many others.

Judy Chang Law Firm is extremely experienced in ascertaining appropriate EB2 cases and successful in obtaining the optimal result.

2. Examples of Successful NIW Cases.


Judy Chang Law Firm is also well-known for its expertise in National Interest Waiver cases that do not require a sponsor. Some of our clients have many years of experience, many patents, and/or many publications. On the other hand, other clients have achieved success with us despite few or no publications, citations, or awards. Judy Chang Law Firm reviews each inquiry in-depth and gives an honest assessment of the probability for success and the risks involved.

While we have advised some inquirers to wait and build their credentials further, we have also taken difficult cases with only a master’s degree or non-academic sectors and led the cases successfully by painstakingly eliciting the unique strength of each candidate and effectively presenting evidence.

While our track record of handling difficult cases is excellent, we will only advise clients to proceed with a case after a thorough assessment of the potential applicant’s circumstances and credentials.


3. Wildlife Photographer Obtained Green Card.


Mr. P is a young but accomplished wildlife photographer with passion and dedication to his artistry. He has been featured in various magazines but has not won major awards. Mr. P wanted to apply for a green card without a sponsor because he wanted to preserve his artistic freedom. In order to self-petition, he needed to qualify under the EB1 extraordinary ability category. A simple list and documentation of his exhibitions, awards, and magazine covers would not have put him in the extraordinary ability as all the applicants in this category do have some history of achievements. By researching the specifics of wildlife photography and discussing his artistry in depth, Judy Chang Law Firm was able to set him apart from other award-winning photographers and helped him obtain his green card as well as his artistic freedom


4. Multinational Corporation Retained Its Key Employees.


A sizable and well-respected Company M initially handled its immigration matters on ad-hoc basis. After a while, they came to a realization that some visa applications and immigration files contained old information thereby creating conflicting records and inaccurate information on the company at the government level, risking denials of future cases. When the Company came to Judy Chang Law Firm, we did an overall audit of all the immigration files and employees’ immigration status and helped the company build a clean human resource file and coherent immigration strategy. As a result, the company’s new visa and immigration applications for its key employees were all handled efficiently and successfully.




“As a result, the company’s new visa and immigration applications for its key employees were all handled efficiently and successfully.”

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5. E-2 Denial Reversed.


Judy Chang Law Firm is well known for resolving complex issues including cases that have been denied. Mr. and Mrs. C came to Judy Chang Law Firm after their application to extend E-2 visa status was denied because they had not been advised about maintaining lawful I-94 stay and had a small gap between the expiration of their I-94 and filing their extension application.

Judy Chang Law Firm filed a motion to reverse the denial based on the compelling and specific facts of the case and got the denial reversed and extension obtained. The success was critical to this family as they were able to continue to operate the family business and did not have to relocate their family again.


6. Victims of Domestic Violence Obtained Green Card.


Judy Chang Law Firm has helped many victims of domestic violence or abuse obtain permanent resident status against many odds. Ms. A was verbally abused by her permanent resident husband’s family and her earning were taken by her husband. She was repeatedly told if she did not do as she was told, she would face deportation and never see her child again. In another case, Ms. B’s US citizen husband sexually harassed Ms. B’s daughter (his step-daughter). He could divorce her and report her to immigration and she would be deported without her child. In other case, Ms. C’s US citizen husband had lied to her about his previous marriages and accused her of having extramarital affairs. He followed her around and repeatedly embarrassed her in public.

New immigrants often lack specific legal knowledge and do not have close personal or social contacts who can help them through difficult times. For this reason, Judy Chang Law Firm attempts to disseminate legal information to the public through newspaper and online columns and newsletters. We have successfully assisted those who are victimized because of their immigrant status.