Alexander Leonn, Actor, New York City

J Global Law Group was with me and my wife Diana at every step of the process of getting a green card. From day 1 all our questions were answered and our concerns addressed fully and completely.

They are extremely knowledgeable and up to date with regards to immigration law.

They have visibly mastered the processes involved including all paperwork interview and every single other requirement. This resulted in maximum time efficiency and essentially no wait time. With their thorough guidance and counseling the entire process from start to end was as easy and smooth as anyone can wish for. Judy was also present for our interview which lasted a record short 7 mins from beginning to end without any complications because of our comprehensive preparation in all aspects of what would potentially be required and asked. She had made crystal clear what was necessary and the interview itself was very relaxed and smooth.

I would recommend Judy Chang for any immigration law matter without hesitation.

Siyuan Chang