Dr. Eddie Song, DVM, CVA, South Coast Veterinary Hospital, Laguna Niguel, CA

I am so happy with the way Mrs. Judy Chang and her assistant Chris handled my case that I am happy to write a review.

Any dealing with immigration involves tons of paperwork, intimate knowledge of deadlines, and general knowledge of how things are processed. In this regard I was more than happy having Judy and Chris by my side to assure that I wouldn't get delayed or turned down because of overlooking a detail.

I was charged a fair set fee, that didn't go up as I ran into some minor bumps along the way. Judy and Chris were always available for any questions that I had, which is a critical point when you go through the long waiting period until you get your green card. I referred more than 10 medical professions. They were all happy and were glad to be referred to Judy Chang’s office. She is also fluent in Korean (which didn't help me in any way, but I still find it impressive).

Overall - highly recommended. Thank you!


Siyuan Chang