Dr. Jooro Kim, Northrop Grumann,North Carolina

Obtaining green card was a matter of necessity to me due to my company's downsizing, difficulty of getting another job, instability, and my spouse's inability to work.

When I decided to apply for green card, I did a lot of research myself and consulted many attorneys. In selecting my attorney, I had the following criteria: understanding for my case, solutions for my weakness, number of clients, responsiveness to my inquiries, and former client's reviews.

After obtaining referrals, I consulted 10 attorneys of different nationalities. Most attorneys told me NIW case was not suitable because the number of my publications and citations were low. Many others told me EB2 case was impossible due to the company's downsizing. Most of them spent 10~15 minutes with me. Only two attorneys had concrete strategies, and Judy Chang was one of them.

During the consultation, I received accurate and detailed information and was able to form a strategy. To be honest, my first impression about Judy Chang was not the most pleasant because she was one of the few who asked for paid consultation and the quoted fee seemed higher than some others I had consulted.

However, my first consultation was well over one and a half hour. She spent as much time as necessary to understand my situation and develop action plans. I considered my consultation with attorneys comparable to job interviews. Job interviews take a long time. As green card process was one of the most important things in my life in the U.S., I used my consultation time to interview the attorneys. It allowed me to assess the attorney’s knowledge as well as character.

Once I decided to retain Judy Chang based on the above criteria, everything was easy. J Global Law Group has a well organized system. I only needed to send information once, and I always received response to my inquiries within a day. I started my process in February 2011 and received my green card in November of the same year.

I believe there is chemistry between partners in any type of work. I had very good chemistry with Judy Chang and her team. As far as I could understand, their work was accurate and smooth, and the people were friendly. I would recommend anyone that's interested in obtaining green card to speak to Judy Chang and her team. She is a good attorney.

Siyuan Chang