EuijinJeong, Joy Sushi Corp, San Mateo, CA

As an immigrant, immigration law is part of life. My family and I also wanted to obtain E2 VISA and sought J Global Law Group's help after considering many immigration law firms. When I was in need, everyone around me recommended Ms. Judy Chang.

In fact, I had heard of Ms. Chang’s reputation even before I arrived in the U.S., and I knew she was a highly reputable attorney with substantial experience and knowledge.

Since retaining J Global Law Group, I experienced true professionalism. Isn't professionalism thorough analysis, individualized and tailored planning and strategy, fast and accurate information and process, and thoughtful care for clients? J Global Law Group team reminded me that professionalism includes leading and granting.

If someone needs help with immigration law, I have strongest recommendations for J Global Law Group.

Siyuan Chang