Geetha Chittoor, Concord, North Carolina

A colleague of my brother overheard our conversation regarding green card application and recommended us Judy Chang. By then I had already contacted couple other famous attorneys and was not very pleased with their advice. We thought lets try one more consultation with Judy and see how this goes. 

Judy and I had a phone conversation which went on for an hour discussing all the details and the options to proceed with green card application process.

Also after a prolonged discussion with my brother, we decided to go for EB1 extraordinary alien self-petition and that too with premium processing. I started responding to all the queries from J Global Law Group and simultaneously contacting my advisors, colleagues, and collaborators requesting their support letters. All this initial prep took us ~ 5 months and then we applied for my green card on Dec 10th. I got mine and my son's I-140 approved within a week, within a month finger prints were done, and a month after I received my EAD travel combo cards. So, exactly after 4 months from December I have received green cards both for myself and for my son. Everything is a blur now. Even my friends told me that they never heard anybody receiving green card this fast in recent times. I give credit to Judy as she was very well aware of my research, background, and more importantly how to showcase my contributions in my self-petition as well as in my letters of support. It's a big relief to find such an attorney. I highly recommend Judy! I am very happy with her firm - J Global Law Group.

Siyuan Chang