Myoungwoo Nam, President, MDI Engineering, Inc. Burlingame, CA

I happened to read Ms. Judy Chang’s immigration column one day and followed it because her writing was informative as well as enjoyable. I thought in order to write such updated and informative articles she must be very diligent in keeping abreast of all the changes. My thought was correct.

When our church employee needed a green card, our church retained Ms. Chang. From the very beginning she impressed us because she did not just follow what is commonly done. She went beyond the common approach and chose a new approach that worked well with the recent legal changes. As a result, the case was processed and approved quickly and smoothly. She has since successfully helped our employee and colleague’s cases with the same expert and personal touch.

Ms. Chang’s strengths are not taking undue risks, finding a solution with vast knowledge and expertise, and making her clients feel comfortable during the process. I have no hesitation in recommending her service in all immigration cases.

Siyuan Chang