Joseph Cho, Paramus,NJ

Despite doing our best, my family and I unexpectedly experienced status problems. I consulted several immigration lawyers, and every one of them told me there was no solution. After that, we gave up and several years went by.

By coincidence, I was referred to Ms. Judy Chang and sought her advice. She explained and why and how I could regain my status. I was so surprised and happy to learn there was a solution.

The other attorneys who consulted me before could have said they did not know and I should consult another attorney. But, they insisted there was simply no solution. One of them told me to go back to your home country.

In contrast, Ms. Judy Chang explained the law in detail and gave me assurance. I had several difficult issues, but Ms. Chang and J Global Law Group always overcame them and showed understanding for those going through a difficult process.

In my case, my life and my family's life depended on our immigration status. I have deep gratitude for Ms. Chang and J Global Law Group for opening a new chapter for us and strongly recommend the firm to anyone with immigration need.

Siyuan Chang