S. W., Lafayette, CA

My first reason is fast response. I had seen attorneys that make clients wait for a long time or even avoid answering calls. I appreciated that I always received prompt response from J Global Law Group

My second reasons if organization. Green card process had several steps. I received well organized explanations and instructions. Most of the process was conducted by e-mail and I did not experience any inconvenience. Because I received confident and clear instructions, I could simply rely on them without having to waste my time doing my own research.

My third reason is kind service. The attorneys and staff always tried to answer my questions completely and kindly.

My fourth reason is comfort. During the process, I never felt anxious or worried. I simply had to follow clear instructions and the process continued smoothly. I completed my green card case within a year.

My fifth reason is accurate handling. I never experienced mistakes.

Before I started my green card case, I visited many online communities and read about many bad experiences as well as incorrect information. As a result, I was worried and confused. However, once I began the process with Ms. Judy Chang, I did not have worry any more. Ms. Chang and her team anticipated potential problems and handled them successfully.

We received our green cards more quickly and easily than we expected and still feel a bit unreal. As an immigrant, green card process is a big investment and the beginning and essence of a new life. I firmly believe that everyone must select a trustworthy and reputable law firm to handle the green card process. I am deeply thankful to J Global Law Group.

Siyuan Chang